The 28 Day Challenge
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Day 5 - Building a House

Think of your life as like designing and building a house.
  • What structure would it have?
    • It would be on a number of levels with a basement and roof garden. The floors would be also on a number of different levels with a mezzanine floor and terraces front and back on each level. It would be angled in such a way as to catch the maximum amount of sunlight and large windows would contribute to that. The house would be like a 'U' shape so that all the rooms would face into a central courtyard garden area.
  • How many and what types of room?
    • Each floor would have four to five rooms, not counting bathroom/toilets. There would be a living room, dining room a number of bedrooms, a music room, work room gym and pool.
  • Where would you put them in your design?
    • The living room would open out onto the garden and courtyard, the dining room would be opposite that and would also open up into the courtyard. The kitchen would be at the end of the 'U' and face the garden and courtyard and all around it would be a beautiful and fragrant herb garden. The music room would be alongside the living room and would open to the garden and the courtyard. It would be open in summer to the smell of the cut grass and sounds of birds. The workroom, pool and gym would be in the basement but would still have natural light and access through the garden and courtyard. On the first floor would be a long gallery opening onto the courtyard on one side and bedrooms on the other. Both the gallery and bedrooms would have sun terraces and steps up to the roof garden. I would alternate my time between afternoons in the music room, workroom and herb garden. Mornings would be spent in the pool and gym and evenings in either the courtyard or living room with the doors wide open to the garden
Day 5: Building a House
1 How did you feel? Like I was on somekind of a journey
2 In what way did you find the challenge useful?
Remember even if the challenge was negative this is an excellent learning for yourself.
I didn't know in advance what kind of house I was going to build. The courtyard idea sort of developed organically.
3 What insight did you gain? That there is some kind of template or design that represents my life already in existence. I just need to dig it out.
4 What did you learn about yourself? I like a life of structure, order and beauty.