The 28 Day Challenge
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Day 26 - Change the meaning

Instantly change the meaning of things in your life by looking at them in a different way. Take a difficult situation in your life and come up with as many different ways that you can look at the situation. E.g. Billy connelly says: 'There is not such a thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes'. Really play around with this and don't ignore what appears a stupid ideas.

  • I'm concerned about my immediate job security and what losing a job might entail ?
    • But what about all the time I'd have to do things that don't cost money?
    • Losing a job is gaining an opportunity.
    • I'm unhappy in this job so I might be happy out of it.
    • I lose a job and gain time.
    • What's security if it only guarrantees that bills are paid?
    • Being free means i can do and go where I want to go..I'm too concerned about giving up security to do that now.
    • when there's nothing to lose there's everything to gain.
Day 26 - Change the meaning
1 How did you feel? Not convinced just yet
2 In what way did you find the challenge useful?
Remember even if the challenge was negative this is an excellent learning for yourself.
I feel it's a word exercise that's not getting to me emotionally. Although I realise that there are points i'm making that I have put to the back of my mind.
3 What insight did you gain? That maybe bringing things to the front of my conciousness forces me to consider them as possible alternatives.
4 What did you learn about yourself? I think I might have said this before on a previous day but I am both scared and excited by the prospect of an unpredictable change in my circumstances. I suppose it's because I need some stimulus to change how I'm living and earning and that would seem to be the obvious prompt.