The 28 Day Challenge
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Day 22 - Feel the vibe

All music physically touches us as the vibration reaches us and this is what we physically respond to. Different people respond to the same music in different ways because we are made up of different vibration combinations. Some music will clash with us, some will harmonise. Our own vibrations can alter so a track we used to connect with no longer 'does it for us' and similarly we can open up to new sounds.

Choose a piece of music that 'fires you up' at the moment, a track that particularly motivates and inspires you.

This is your 'Wake up' track that will prepare you for a fabulous day. Itwill enliven your body, switch on your senses and put you in a positive frame of mind.

play the track for yourself first thing tomorrow morning, sense how your body responds, if it makes you want to move, do it. Be aware of any changes in your breathing. Hum or sing along to it. Connect to the music and what it gives you as fully as you can - 'get in to the vibe', 'let the vibe fill you up'.

Throughout the day sing or hum the tune to yourself at least once and be aware of how this alters your state.

You can then use this technique conciously whenever you feel you need a boost. You can have different tracks to change your state as required.

'Desenchante' by Kate Ryan

Day 22 - Feel the vibe
1 How did you feel? Like I had a secret
2 In what way did you find the challenge useful?
Remember even if the challenge was negative this is an excellent learning for yourself.
In truth, I don't find it a challenge. I use music often as a way of modifying my emotions: mostly for the better.
3 What insight did you gain? We can almost program our emotions if we want.
4 What did you learn about yourself? Music is the thing that controls my emotions more than most other mediums, such as the visual arts.