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MP3 Music Page
This is pretty much the sum total of stuff i've been writing and
recording over, god knows how long, a period of time. Have a nose, download whatever..mp3s, lyrics or both.
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Further Adventures in France
After all the adventures below, we thought we'd go right through the pain barrier.
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Adventures in France
Well, that's where we are and that's what we've been having.
We've been renovating a small farmhouse. It's in the department of Indre, which is right in the middle of the country.
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Mastering Change
Sounds heavy, but these pages are the result of a course I
attended a couple of years back run by a chum and former boss,
Sarah Smith. The course was based on the discipline of
neurolinguistics, which aims to re-address the way we use
language and acknowledges how language shapes our behaviour.
Well. a very simplistic explanation - best I can do. Over a month
period the course encouraged its students to consciously make
attempts to alter old patterns of behaviour by the use of daily set
tasks. The student was required to make a journal of these tasks
and their response to them. I'm not saying that it was this which
motivated me to start a new life in France, but it certainly got me
used to operating outside my comfort zone, which is a big
advantage when that's where I now spend most of my time.
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