The 28 Day Challenge
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Day 4 - Getting to know you

  1. My name is Gary
  2. My job is sitting in front of a computer adjusting bits of script to make things work.
  3. My age is 47.
  4. I live in Liverpool.
  5. I was born in Liverpool.
  6. My previous jobs included - being a musician and member of a band, stockbroker, events coordinator, music producer/studio owner, general dogsbody.
  7. The things I like best about this job are the fact that I am paid and that I work with good friends.
  8. The things I like least about this job are the fact that I no longer feel I am doing any valid work, that I am losing any skills that might get me other work and the lack of any empathy shown by senior management towards staff.
  9. To me, being a man should be the same as being a woman, both genders have the same values of love compassion, respect.
  10. My marital status is unmarried, but that is a condition of the legal system and society and not a reflection of my relationship.
  11. Children do not really figure in my life. I see them but I don't engage with them. I mostly worry that many of them seem to be brought up with little care or consideration for anything other than themselves and that society has been encouraging this for a long time until they are now biting back, so to speak.
  12. My parents gave me a sense of love and security and taught me how to live in the world with respect for other people and the world around me.
  13. My friends are a reflection of how I see the world because they reflect back my own feelings and values.
  14. My hobbies/spare time activities normally involve creating music, but I can get absorbed in many things such as working in the garden, painting or making things; or just reading a good book.
  15. When I get to work I enjoy the company of friends and my dislike of being where I am is lessened to an extent because of this.
  16. When I leave work I'm usually pretty relieved and normally walk home, planning my evening as I go.
  17. At this very minute I feel a bit daunted by the 28 day challenge but that's outweighed by feeling anxious and unfullfilled.
  18. Ideally this time next year I will be in another place, maybe another country and maybe happy.
  19. In the long term my ambition is to have a lifestyle where I don't wish my life away; where I enjoy every day for the sheer experience of living.
  20. The trouble with this organisation is they don't respect people enough to value their opinions or abilities.
  21. My idea of an ideal holiday would be one where I can really relax and not feel I've got to cram in as much experience within a short space of time as possible. Sitting on a veranda overlooking a beautiful valley with a fascinating book.
  22. Things that I find very difficult are: trying to think positively about the future, changing my job and moving house.
  23. If the worst comes to the worst in 12 months time I will have sold the house and will have bought a cheaper place with the proceeds, leaving us free to pursue another kind of lifestyle.
  24. The sort of things I worry about are finances and job security
  25. What this country needs is to mature and help its citizens develop a sense of respect for each other and the place they're living in.
  26. My religious beliefs are personal and about life as a learning process and completely against the fanaticism that prevails in the organised religions. A thousand bibles or korans are not worth one human life..correction not worth one sparrows life.
  27. To me being black/ white is irrelevant, which doesn't mean that in real terms it makes no difference, we live in a world that makes decisions about people based on how they appear. It's values, cultural or otherwise that are important.
  28. My secret fears are ending up without a job and with no way of finding one
  29. My feelings about myself are that I do have value but I'm having a hard time convincing myself of the fact.
Day 4 - Getting to know you
1 How did you feel? A little self-concious.
2 How open and revealing where you? I am not conciously concealing anything.
3 Where you more open and revealing about some types of issue than others? Not that I am aware.