The 28 Day Challenge
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Day 2 - Find items for your symbols
In the first workshop you did a meditation to identify three things that symbolised your archetypal themes. Find things that represent these symbols for you, over the next 26 days. It could be images, clothing, sounds, words, jewellery.

Don't try too hard at this task, just ask your subconciousness to bring your attention to things in your everyday life, which represent its understanding of your archetypal themes and what they mean to the future you.
I decided to look for images because they could also represent objects and even sound.
Day 2: Find items for your symbols
1 How did you feel? The meditation was interesting but I wasn't absolutely sure that the chosen symbols/archetypes were anything other than my imagination. However, there is a definite sense, in collecting the images of a jigsaw puzzle getting put together or even the idea of a magic spell being invoked. The images have a resonance and they represent an ideal world in some way.
2 In what way did you find the challenge useful?
Remember even if the challenge was negative this is an excellent learning for yourself.
The challenge is useful in that it's focusing on deeply held emotions and associations. In bringing them to the surface it allows my to conciously think about them and. on a deeper level, maybe make them real - 'The Alchemist'.
3 What insight did you gain? Searching for the images is a kind of journey. Although I might start out with a pre-conceived idea about what I'm looking for, ultimately I tend to get sidetracked. The images that result from this accidental approach tend to be just as resonant/relevant. Maybe, trying to control the way things turn out is counter productive. A route to the 'ends' is already there it might be a matter of not looking too hard for it.
4 What did you learn about yourself? Something, I probably already know really, and that is, I don't believe anything can happen without me instigating it in the first place.