The 28 Day Challenge
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Day 3 - What do you want in your day?
Do you know that you can make a decision on what states to experience through your day? Simply select the states and then describe how you will acheive that state.

What states would you like to be in on a consistent basis and experience every day? Happy? Dynamic? Friendly? Connected? Cheerful? Grateful? Passionate? Elegant? Outrageous? Generous? Amusing? Adventurous? etc.

Select as many as you want and write one sentence about each, describing what you will be doing to acheive the stae eg. " I am being cheerful when I smile at people". "I am being grateful when I remember all the great things in my life." etc
  • I am being happy when I've reached length 50 in the pool and blood and oxygen are pumping through my system releasing endorphins.
  • I am being passionate when I am involved in an activity that totally absorbs me whether it's creating a piece of music or exploring the landscape of places over time.
  • I am being dynamic when i feel I have a purpose and others recognise the validity of that purpose.
  • I am being generous when I deliberately avoid counting the consequences of giving things away eg, 'could that pound I've just given away have got me a bus ride home?' or 'people who are rich don't give something away for nothing'.
  • I am being amusing when I am totally without self-conciousness and with friends i can trust. Being amusing is about love not put downs.
  • I am being adventurous when i realise how short life actually is and how much it's got to be lived in the present.
Day 3: What do you want in your day?
1 How did you feel? Surprised that I have a capacity to be all the things above.
2 In what way did you find the challenge useful?
Remember even if the challenge was negative this is an excellent learning for yourself.
It gives me a perspective on how much I can determine my state of mind by thought or activity.
3 What insight did you gain? My state of mind is determined by both external and internal forces, by physical and emotional things.
4 What did you learn about yourself? The way I feel about things is very much determined by how other people feel about me. To feel valid i need others to validate me. I need to consider this.