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As we move on to different projects I'll collect the stuff from this page and stick it on the Archive page so things can be viewed chronologically. The stuff about the barn roof is on there now.

Chanson de la Semaine

'The Walled Gardens of New York City'

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The Subfloor - First Floor
After ripping out the existing floors and all the strange substances under them, we installed a waterproof subfloor. Eventually we'll lay floorboards on top of this.

Between the first room on the right - when climbing the stairs - and the adjoining room, was a mud and stone wall with a plaster coating. Originally we thought it might be worth restoring but, on closer inspection, we realised the stones were minute and the wall was mostly mud. So we opted for removing it and replacing it with vertical oak beams every 120 centimetres - the dimensions of a sheet of plasterboard. We'll insert a metal framework between the columns and then plasterboard it. The lintel above the doorway had been hacked away to provide more room for a pine door frame. We removed the frame and replaced the missing oak with a pretty close match.

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