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This page has some general info about the place, but for more detailed stuff have a look at the Work in Progress page - there'll be more detailed and specific stuff about the house, which will be as ongoing as I can make it.

The Cadastre

This is the ground plan of the house and dependences. We currently own the house, barns, hangar and the little building on plot 1518 plus all the land highlighted in blue. If we can acquire some of the adjoining plots, we will.

House Exterior

I'm using the term 'house' very loosely. A more accurate description would be a farmstead, which comprises, at present, of a main house with attached bread oven building, two contiguous barns and piggery, plus a bloody big hangar, which is about 20 metres by 8 metres.

We have now purchased some of the plots surrounding and within the terrain i.e. plots 1518 and 733. The total land area amounts to about 3,000 square metres, which, believe it or not, is rather modest for set-ups of this kind.

We plan to build a summer room running the full length of the front of the house. Roughly about 13 metres by 3 metres. This faces south so should be a perfect place to enjoy the French sunshine and shelter from the french rain.

House Interior

On the ground floor there are three rooms. The first room, entered by the left hand door, was the kitchen. This has a pretty grimy bread oven in it, but that will restore very nicely.

The next room was the living room. This contains the fireplace. We intend to remove the wall separating this from the old kitchen - structural integrity not-withstanding.

The final room will be the kitchen/diner. This was the original core of the old house and runs in a kind of 'T' shape across the later addition.

Upstairs there are three bedrooms, separated by a wierdly over-wide corridor, into which we'll extend two of the rooms. The end room sits above the future kitchen/diner in the old part of the house. This will eventually accomodate the master bedroom and bathroom. We're considering some kind of mezzanine level in here, but won't know how feasible that is until we start work on the house proper. In the bathroom section, which fronts the road, we're also considering installing a dormer window, for height and light.