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2016 Recap
Chanson de la Semaine

I won't introduce this track. Make of it what you will.

'Son Of A Gun (The War Isn't Over)'

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Recap of 2016

Now we're starting a new year I thought a recap of the last 14 months might be helpful. So below is a collection of befores and afters. In some cases the afters aren't exactly better but, they are at least, closer to where we're going.

I've added a floor layout for upstairs and downstairs to help place the photos in their context.

Layout Of The First Floor
The Long Bedroom
The Small Bedroom by the stairs
Upper Landing
The Middle Bedroom
Layout of the Ground Floor
The room below the Long Bedroom which will become the Kitchen/Diner
The Living Room below Middle Bedroom
The Bread Oven room
The Garden
The Barns

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