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Chanson de la Semaine

To avoid repeating myself on a weekly basis and lose the interest of our regular fan, I will point you towards Week 68 in the Archive for an explanation of why I am suddenly featuring a piece of music each week. Incidentally, the Archive Pics with a little audio icon on them are the ones which will have this little feature..beginning, of course, with Week 68.

We got very comfortable in Leiden and loved the hospitality of our mates, Steve and Andrea who served up great grub every night as well as dragging us off to the pub. Anyway with all that in mind the song this week is called 'Stay'.

You've probably already seen a blue or yellow band at the top of the page asking if you want to run this program and showing a 'Run Active X' tab. Click on that and then click on 'Run' and a little CD player should open below the song title. Press Play, Stop or Whatever.


Week 92
Euro Hoppers

Well we've still been Euro hopping. We were back in mates' Steve and Andrea's place to finish off what we'd started in September. The period also coincided with our birthday so that was a great excuse for alcoholic poisoning, not withstanding a birthday cake, pressies and feast of venison provided by our hosts. Anyway, this time round we fitted an oak fireplace that we'd put together in France from local oak and then we hacked down the primeval forest surrounding the house. I think our chums were happy with the result.
We arrived on halloween, hence the gear.

The Fireplace

As I mentioned above, we made the fireplace from local oak. That's the original wood below which we had to plane and cut to size. Our mate, Ray helped with shaping the vertical support blocks (last picture). All in all, as ever, it was a learning curve.

Ray and Ann's Place

Prior to making the fireplace we put up some lights and plaster boards between the ceiling beams in the kitchen and dining room of Ray and Ann's place. I think that's Ann showing approval in the final picture, or it could be the medication kicking in..

Wave Machines

Just before we went to Leiden our mate Carl and his band, Wave Machines, stayed over for one night, en route for Marseilles. They've been gigging around France and needed a stop-off between Calais and Marseilles. It was nice to see them and we had a brief but pleasant evening. In order of appearance, Carl, Tim, James and Vidar. The final guy in the group shot is Hanno, the tour manager.