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This page has some general info about the place, but for more detailed stuff have a look at the Planning Applications and Stuff page. That has Before and After cross sections and facades which were required for the planning application submission. On the Work in Progress page there'll be more detailed and specific stuff about the house, which will be as ongoing as I can make it.

House Exterior Overview

The plan for outside is to enclose the gardens where necessary, knock down the dividing wall in the front of the house, to create a bigger lawn, and demolish the bread oven (it's not as pretty as it sounds) to allow for a passageway between the front and back gardens. The stone garden wall will be repaired and a new one created at the back. A gate will be installed between the house and outbuilding and where it's needed (probably most of the front) new render applied. The path directly in front of the house will be graveled.

House Exterior

This is a general collection of shots of the exterior. Comparing them to the plan above might help to make some sense of it. The layout is: gable end facing street with the entrances and windows overlooking a wall, garden area and outbuilding. At the opposite gable is a bread oven (that's the lean-to thing hidden by trees in thumbnail four and more exposed in the last thumbnail) which is easier to view from the back of the house. The back of the building looks a bit like a roman farmhouse (probably the same style for the last few thousand years) and overlooks a field. Part of the field will be fenced off for a garden.

House Interior Overview

The general plan is to create a ground floor bathroom at the gable end shown in the piccie. Next to that will be a kitchen then a dining room and, at the end of the block, will be a living room in what was once the family room.

On the upper floor will be two bedrooms and a small bathroom, plus central staircase area.

House Interior

On the ground floor there are three rooms. The first room, at the road end is a small room with a doorway into the next section.

The next room is essentially an animal pen with a narrow corridor at the back created by the pen partitions and the feed troughs. The room is divided into two by a low wall.

The final room is formerly the family room and contains the bread oven on the far left hand wall.

Upstairs is a long gallery with a barn door overlooking the road and two 'A' frames supporting the roof. There is a final room which is separated from the gallery by a thick wall and is directly above the family room. The guess is that this section may have been added on to what was previously a barn.