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Chanson de la Semaine

To avoid repeating myself on a weekly basis and lose the interest of our regular fan, I will point you towards Week 68 in the Archive for an explanation of why I am suddenly featuring a piece of music each week. Incidentally, the Archive Pics with a little audio icon on them are the ones which will have this little feature..beginning, of course, with Week 68.

The song I'm including this week was the result of one of those 'what-the- bloody-hell-next?' type moments. It's about escaping all the usual things and going somewhere else, the sea in this instance. And although we mightn't have reached the actual sea referred to in the song, I can safely say that we've reached the metaphorical one. Not surprisingly the song's called 'All The Usual Things' and this one's for Marie and Chris who'll instantly recognise the reference to Botanic Park - considering that they lived next to it for a chunk of their lives.

You've probably already seen a blue or yellow band at the top of the page asking if you want to run this program and showing a 'Run Active X' tab. Click on that and then click on 'Run' and a little CD player should open below the song title. Press Play, Stop or Whatever.

'Usual Things'

Week 74
The Ever Expanding Patio

The patio is definitely expanding like the known universe. I hope to finish it by the end of next week. Nothing much else to report this week. After the patio we're concentrating on the interior, which is going to be so welcome in this heat.

Fête Des Voisins

Last Saturday was the neighbours' party (Fête des Voisins) where everyone gathers for food and booze on the boule court. It's also where you realise that neighbours you are meeting for the first time know your inside leg measurement - aah village life. Everyone was charming really but the local dialect of Berrychonne was a bit hard going to decipher. We took it in our stride, as the happy smiley faces prove.