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Chanson de la Semaine

To avoid repeating myself on a weekly basis and lose the interest of our regular fan, I will point you towards Week 68 in the Archive for an explanation of why I am suddenly featuring a piece of music each week. Incidentally, the Archive Pics with a little audio icon on them are the ones which will have this little feature..beginning, of course, with Week 68.

I'm singing this week. I haven't got a load of other people singing my stuff, so there we are. The song is a request from brother Rog and is called 'Tattoo'. It was written as part of a collection of songs called 'November 13 Love Songs'.

You've probably already seen a blue or yellow band at the top of the page asking if you want to run this program and showing a 'Run Active X' tab. Click on that and then click on 'Run' and a little CD player should open below the song title. Press Play, Stop or Whatever.


Week 72
The Garden Wall

I've finished the lizard hotel and am waiting for the first guests. The compost heap has been rebuilt and moved and all the borders are now complete and stone free. I thought I'd have planted some stuff by now but the stone removal has been such a slow and laborious job that we just finished preparing the soil today. Plants tomorrow, honest. For some reason I'm looking particularly happy on the bottom pic. Don't be fooled, I'm really crying inside. Again, I've added comparison shots.

And this is a little message for Ian and Andy: 'about bloody time'.

Pictures on the Wall

I've got a mini exhibition of stuff I've painted and made over the last few years. The exhibition is in a local Estate agents. They're quite big on displaying the work of local artists round here in shops, offices and galleries, and now I qualify as local, I get to display my stuff too. I've got more stuff to hang next week. It's all very proper with an opening night et.al. Ooer.


The 'Shawl Pin' turned out to be an awl for making holes in wood prior to putting in nails or screws. They still sell them in the D.I.Y. shops. So no vintage stuff there.