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Week 67
The Wall and The Visit

My brother Rog and his wife Barb visited for a week and got right down to rebuilding the wall which faces the road. They arrived on a Wednesday and started straight away Thursday morning. I thought we'd nearly finished them off but they bounced back every morning after an evening of alcoholic application. As well as build the wall they volunteered to cook most nights, which couldn't have been more perfect. The neighbours are very impressed with their labours. The wall's been in that state for over a hundred years, so I'm sure they're happy to see it repaired. I've included a couple of early shots of the wall from last year, as a comparison.

The Patio

This is still growing. I've been attending to the garden borders for much of this week, so it hasn't grown quite so fast. I did make a start on putting some plants in the planter holes by the wall. The first things to go in are a white fig (donated by Ray) and a rose cutting (donated, unintentially, by the chateau of Gargillesse)

Barb's Photos

Barb is an excellent artist and photgrapher so I've included a number of her pics on the page. Below is a small selection of stuff she took around and about. We specially posed for the sleeping shot, of course.

Dogs,Cats and Lizards

Olive, the neighbour's cat, has taken to sleeping in the greenhouse. No problem, but I have to remember not to zip him in of a night. That's Vox peering through the fence, he's the neighbourhood watchdog and spends all day at the fence watching the comings and goings of the neighbourhood and barking at anyone he doesn't know. Finally, there's two beautiful green lizards which live around and about, not sure where. This is the first time I've been able to get a pic.