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Week 6
Bread Oven Demolition

The oven is no more. We've removed the last sections of the oven which were connected to the wall without mishap. Bit by bit we're removing all the stones which were projecting from the wall and replacing them with mortar and flat stones so the whole lot can be eventually rendered. In the process of demolishing the oven we've ended up with a stack of bricks, tiles and stones. The bricks and tiles have been cleaned up and stacked away to be reused.

We also collected a good few tons of earth, which had been packed in and around the oven. That's going to be redistrubted over and under the garden, to be mixed with a supply of horse manure we picked up during the week - along with the odd cord of wood - from the farm of a chum.


We started to mark out the garden border in the front and level out the ground. It's going to take a few weeks but we hope to have grass seed planted to revitalise the lawn, and fruit trees planted in the borders, by the end of the month.
There's been a change in the shape of the back garden. The Neighbour has asked if we'd consider reshaping the garden to create one block behind the house, as opposed to the long shape which continued down the hill (see the original cadastre plan). That suits us and we've cordonned it off temporarily.

Velux Windows

We bought the velux windows for the roof: eight, in all. We are going to start installing them next week.