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Week 57
The Kitchen

We were just going to plaster board the kitchen ceiling and then move on to the dining room, but I think the need to have at least one room completed changed that plan. So, we've been finishing the kitchen. We've got some more tiles to put in and then a finish-off with black grout. Hopefully that should be done tomorrow. Ray, who's tiles they formerly were, visited with his daughter Lucy, just to check we were putting the tiles to good use. I think he approved, and merci buckets for the tiles.

The gaps between rooms and beams have been filled in with the thin bricks which came from the bread oven. An idea, funny enough, we got from visiting Ray and Ann's place where it's used to great effect. Apparently it's a traditional style. So we're all for that.

The Wood

We'd pretty much run out of the two cords of wood that we'd ordered in September, and there didn't seem to be any other sources available. So we were pretty pleased when our neighbour told us about a local farmer who had a stack of the stuff. The downside was that it came in metre lengths, which means we have to cut it in half to get it into the wood burner, but I consider that a small price to pay for total toast.

The Workers

We helped some friends move house a few weeks ago and experienced the leisurely delights of a French working day. At 12:30 all activity seased for two and a half hours as we made our way through various starters, roast chicken, a variety of tarts and several bottles of wine. Lovely though it is I can't say it's condusive to resuming work again at 3 O'clock in the afternoon.