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Week 46
The Living Room

We've been mainly finishing the stonework in the Living Room. It seems to have taken forever. The Plasterboard has been filled and given a first coat of paint. We've put some shelves up, which was a pain drilling through the stone, but completed nevertheless. I've dug out some photos from earlier in the year to make some comparisons. I'll take some daylight photos in the next few days to get a better perspective on the room and I'll post them up.


As promised I've taken some more photos of the room so it's easier to get a better perspective. I've also dug out some more earlier comparison photos.

General Stuff

Chris, Cranes and Colin

Chris has got a new adoring fan - it's Olivier from next door, who will sit for hours on the step mesmerised by the sight of Chris on his viewing platform. We've yet to let them hang out too much because I think they're both a bit too territorial and it'll all end in tears. The Cranes are still flying South. They've been doing that for the last few months. This looks like a ragtag tail end still trying to get into 'V' formation. Finally my cousin Colin visited as a post birthday get together. We had a really nice time and enjoyed the company and the break. And maybe grey is the new blonde but I think it's about time for a chemical intervention.