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Week 44
The Insulation

Finished!!!!! The place is considerably warmer even when the fire isn't burning. The 70s thang will dissappear with the plasterboards.

The Arrow Window

We put three panes of perspex into the small arrow-slit window with air space between each one. There is no longer a howling gale from that location.

The Living Room

We'd begun the process of pointing the stonework in this room as we installed the chimney, but now we're doing it in earnest. We built a sill in front of the window to continue the wall line and started raking out and pointing the stonework. I reckon this will take another 4 to 5 days to complete. It's very satisfying when the stonework is revealed in all its glory.

General Stuff

Birthday Bash

We were invited to our friend Ann's birthday bash last week. That's Ann in the first pic and with her other half, Ray, in pic 2. They're very sympa, as they say 'round here. Anyway the party was in a restaurant in the town of Rivarennes, very picturesque, and made a delightful change from raking out old mortar. Cheers me dears. The usual suspects are in the following photos with Rivarennes in the last two.

Chris the Coffee Table Conversation Piece

Possibly because of the fire, Chris has taken to sleeping on the coffee table during the evening. We don't question the little prince.