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Week 42
The Chimney and the Wood Burner

We had to build a new chimney stack on the foundation of the original stack. When the old stack was demolished the base was levelled out and covered with roof tiles. This also left a gaping hole in the top of the gable wall, not condusive to a warm and cosy ambiance. It's been a learning and leaning curve. The scaffold was set up at the gable end which meant access to the far side of the chimney was a bit difficult to reach. This side will need to be pointed at a future date. The chimney pipe was enclosed in the stack and built around. We put a few layers of reinforcing sheets at every few brick courses just to make sure the stack was totally solid - it gets a bit windy at the top of the valley. And Bob's your uncle. It was definitely worth it, the fire is wonderful. We used a protective grid around the upstairs pipe. Give yourself a bar of choclate if you can guess what it is.

The Insulation

Still windy. We've finished packing the rockwool into the gaps between the roof struts in the rest of the upstairs. We've just started on the silver layer of insulation. Still going for that 70s pod look.