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Week 36
The Stairs and One Big Happy Family

This is the last week I'll be updating on a weekly basis. After this I'll update every two weeks. Things won't be changing quite so rapidly now that we're on to the details, so to speak, and it could get a tad repetetive. Anyway this week saw the completion of the stairs by our intrepid guests. I convinced them to pose for the studio shots a la 'Please Please Me'. We now have a landing safe for lemmings and a place for the computer. They returned to the States via England on Thursday and the place felt a lot emptier after they left.

The Bathroom

We're cracking on with this room so we can finally have a bath or even brush our teeth in the bathroom sink. The first window has been pointed and the other two have had the stone sides mortared in. The pipes for the bath have been plumbed in and the plaster board has been screwed on. That'll be PVA'd and ultimately tiled.

General Stuff

Naturally we continued to wind down at the end of each day. Also Barbara took some lovely pics of the day winding down too, as well as pics of the little lake outside the village, the chocolatier in Argenton and the river at Argenton (among many others).