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Week 34 and 35
The Move and Living in a Medieval Squat

Well we made the move and I was a bit previous in saying we'd be back online Tuesdayish. But considering the possible permutations I think five days later isn't so bad. So, the move was a little bit more rushed than anticipated. We'd expected a leisurely move Sunday in the sure and certain knowledge that the new tenants weren't due till Monday. Wrong. They told us Saturday evening that they were moving in ten thirty Sunday morning. Needless to say the calm and measured move bit the dust. Anyway we made it and the cat seems pretty settled. I've even included the shots of the meters in case of any dispute.

The Staircase and our American Guests

My brother Rog and his wife Barb arrived the day after the move, poor misguided fools that they are, and were immediately roped in to the working drill. Their task was to erect the staircase and that has been largely completed. The balustrade and landing rail is next on the agenda.

The Shower and 21st Century Comforts

We got our electricty supply connected on Tuesday and by Wednesday had hot running water and a shower, which was just as well because the neighbourhood was talking. Also there is now a flushing toilet. How did they use to manage?

Chris the Cat

The cat has not only settled in but proceeded to throw his weight around the village. Once a feral city cat always a feral city cat. His only beef was the carting up and down the ladder to go to bed. He's appreciated the staircase as much as us. He's also taking to surveying the enemy terrain from the conveniently low French Windows and from atop the mountain of stones and rubble.

General Stuff


This weekend has been Heritage weekend in France (Journées de Patrimoin, I think). This means that people can visit historical sites for free. So, we went to visit Chateaubrun, which is five minutes away. They've been restoring it and it also houses a Chambre d'Hote, which is a kind of hotel. There's a lot of conntemporary scultpure in the courtyards, some of which is somewhat phallic, so don't be shocked mother.

The Happy Bunch and Official Resident Status

Just to prove that we haven't broken the will of our guests here are some photos to prove that all is well in the republic of Gary and Graham. We also got our official house number and council bin bags. What more could we want?