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Week 33
The Big Visit

Last week you were left in suspenders over the impending electricity inspection. Well he came, he saw and, after a few adjustments, said yes!!! The adjustments seemed a bit petty to us but in the light of all the wiring and earthing being deemed spot on..what could we say? Section of the Attestation below.

The Stair Wall

This has been a big job, partly because it is such an expanse of space and also because, for some reason, the mortar mix went very hard within a day. That meant it was really difficult to brush it off the stones. I've tried a different technique with the rest of the wall and pointed around the stones. This takes longer initially but saves time on the brushing.

The Plumbing

This is a learning curve and we're constantly back to the DIY shop getting adapters and bits of kit we hadn't realised we'd need. There is light at the end of the tunnel though. Mind you, the shower door is a different story. The instructions seems to have been written by an Ikea veteren on acid.

General Stuff

We've been moving stuff from Abloux to La Jarrige every day. All the plants were transferred this week, so we must really be moving now.