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Week 32
Kitchen and Dining Room Windows

This was the week the windows went in. The final door space was built up and the openings had to be narrowed for both of the old doorways in order to accomodate the narrower window and make it match the space for the existing windows. We used the old brick from the bread oven as a match for the existing brickwork. The plant troughs are compulsory. As an update I've added some Geraniums to the planters cos my mum said she prefered them.

The Bathroom Windows

Same trick here. The wider window space was narrowed with bricks and the sill of the former window space was lifted a few centimetres to match the other window. The third window fitted the space perfectly. It's luck of the draw when buying ready mades to find the perfect match, but we've been pretty lucky so far. The space above the two smaller windows will be filled by some pieces of old oak taken from former beams.

The Front Door and Living Room Window

We were a bit anxious about fitting the door, mainly because it's so big, but after taking out the old one and putting in the frame, it went in surprisingly easily. The window was pretty much the same and didn't give us any problems. The light is so much better now it can shine through the glass of the door.

The Shower

This has been our first venture into plumbing. After the example of our neighbour we've decided to put in PVC pipe work, which makes it easier for us to install it as well as the fact that it can withstand extremes of temperature really well. We built a studwork casing for the shower and installed the pipes using a special plate which we bought at the DIY shop. Then we packed it with thermal polystyrene and Rockwool. Bobby Deluxe came back to do the tile work and, as ever, did a lovely job. We've still got to cut the holes in two tiles for the water pipes.

The Fuseboard

The electrics are now complete, which is just as well because the inspector calls tomorrow. So everything that can be crossed is getting crossed. We buried a few earth rods and fitted a special inspection box around the one nearest the house.

General Stuff

As promised here are some shots of the Chamorin Batteuse, which is like an agricultural show but with an emphasis an agricultural pursuits in times past. They show examples of bread and brick making, laundry for the 19th century woman of the world and various woodsmany pursuits.