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Week 31
Tiling the Floor

This was a transforming week. The ground floor was tiled super fast by Roberto Delux and his sidekicks, Ricardo and Poppy the Lab. Both known for their excessive wearing of sandals, Poppy excluded, Roberto lays a mean floor and Ricardo just looks mean. That's him in a lighter mood in pic 4. Because we didn't do it ourselves we were able to see the overall effect more objectively. A bit like watching this website.

The Living Room Wall

These walls are getting the same treatment as the rest of the place. The first job is raking out the original mortar. It was a bit harder here because the stuff at the bottom was sand and cement made with iron and flint.

The Dining Room Wall

Same as above. This is going to be the stair wall, so it has to be completed before we install the staircase.

The Dining Room Window

We finally made a decision about this one and have built it up to suit the others. The Dining Room windows are slightly higher than the Kitchen ones, although the lintels are the same. We'll begin putting the windows in tomorrow.

The Upstairs Plaster Boards and New Studwork

The plaster boarding has been completed on all the upstairs walls, which leaves the partition studwork to be completed and plated. We ran out of the metal rails and need to pick some up next week to complete the final partion.

The Electrics

Well, this has nearly been completed. With one or two exceptions all the sockets and switches have been wired and the Mains Board is nearly complete. We've got to bury some earth rods outside to finish the job.

General Stuff

Nothing to report this week, but we're hoping for an on-the-spot report from the Chamorin Agricultural Show. So watch this space.