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Week 30
Living Room Plaster Board and New Wall

This has been plaster board week. We're counting down to our move next month and preparing for our electric inspection. So there is an extra frisson to our activities now and it's all hands to the plaster board pumps and the electrics. Anyway, as I mentioned last week, we decided to build a stone wall in the former bread oven cavity. At the same time we've been insulating and plaster boarding the living room. The tasks are now finished and the next job for this room is to rake out the old mortar on those walls which will have exposed stone and then point them all. The new wall will get the same treatment.

The Shower

We installed the shower wall, which is essentially metal stud packed with insulation and covered in plaster board. It'll be tiled on the inside.

The Kitchen and Dining Room Plaster Boards

The plaster boards in the kitchen and dining room sit below the window level, so thankfully there's less to board.

The Kitchen

The Dining Room


This has been a tricky job, partly because there is a lot of electric sockets and derivation boxes to be cut out, but also because we have to cut around the A-frames. It's working out okay though, and we've only got the smaller bedroom to complete tomorrow.

General Stuff

Again nothing much to report but I thought I'd include our heroic Concrete Mixer this week. Also we've been consumer testing the roof insulation and I thought you might like a peek at the latest trials in progress.