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Week 28
Bathroom Walls

The walls are now complete and the studwork for the plaster boards is in place. All the water pipes will go behind the plasterboard and the electric sockets will be fixed to it.


The walls have now been rendered and the stone exposed where appropriate. The studwork is in place and the windows lowered, so we're cooking with gas.

Dining Room

The first wall has been rendered and the stone exposed and the studwork is in place. We're going to lower the window in this room and render the big wall where the staircase is going to go.

General Stuff

This week we begin with goat racing. As everyone knows it's one of France's favourite pastimes, with the losing kid ending up on the evening menu - goat, not human (at least, I think so). On the right is Richard's amazing staircase that he created from scratch. All oak.
The final two pics are of Bas and Roeleke, two Dutch mates who've been on holiday in France and stopped off for the afternoon. Very mellow..in a golden-brown-dutch kind of way. They're very close.