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Week 24
Laying the Sub-Floorboards above the Kitchen and Dining Room

We continued laying the waterproof chipboard on the first floor. I quite like the green thing. Anyway we can work up there now without ladders and scaffold. It was a bit tricky because of the unevenness of the old beams and we had to plane down a few of them, but generally it was okay.

The Floor above the Living Room

This is the last floor to be taken up, cleaned and sprayed. The beams are black with the smoke of the bread oven and we'll probably leave them like that. It was a dirty job but someone had to do it. We thought this room would be easier to lay the boards on, but the beams were just as uneven and it's been slow progress. We're about a third of the way through.

General Stuff

This is the measuring stick we've been using for the concrete levels throughout the house. Crude but effective. We laser levelled everywhere first and had a line which ran through the ground floor at about 95cm from the final floor level. We used that in conjunction with the board to keep an eye on where the level was at any point in the layering of hardcore etc. The other pic is my favourite tree, which is on the road up to La Jarrige. I've been photographing it in all seasons and now the corn is starting to grow around it. It should be just poking up above the green maize in a months time.

Chris the Cat

This is the house elf. He hasn't been personally involved in the build but he's a cheery meeow when we get home of a night. He's had a number of traumas including near-death-by-sedative and a chopped tail but has come out the other side a more mature and appreciative individual.

Guest Pics

Here's the latest contributions from Ritchie and Chris, who suggested the inclusion of general guest pics. The first two are of the Sacierge fete with the second highlighting the frightening consequences of over-doing the local hooch. The other two are of the Argenton Pottery fair which was held on the banks of the Creuse.