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Week 22
The Bathroom and Kitchen Windows

Continuing on from last week with our trusty builder mate (he prefers the use of the term 'mate' as opposed to 'chum') the entrance ways to the rooms, which will be bathroom and kitchen, have now been built up to match the original window proportions. The entrance to the, soon to be, dining room has still to be built up, pending a decison regarding the size of window to go there.

The Kitchen Window
The Living Room Floor

It's taken the best part of the week to remove the existing floor from here. We had to take out the stone slabs, which originally covered the floor (we'll reuse them on the back terrace) and then dig through a foot of stone and soil. We thought this one was going to be easier, and in terms of volume it has been, but in unrelenting compressed merde, no different really. We sifted the stone and soil as it came out, putting the soil onto the garden to level it and eventually, throwing the stones back into the room as hard core (hedgehog: that's a little memory test). The sheet on the back lawn is the waterproof membrane, we had to join a few together to fit across the room. The rest is the usual suspects of polystyrine sheets, electricity conduits and brick levellers. Tomorrow we concrete.