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Week 20
The Kitchen Floor

Same deal as the bathroom floor. We laid the concrete on a bed of sand, plastic membrane and polystyrene insulation slabs. Again we used bricks and mortar to create a number of floor level guides. The electric cables are running through plastic conduit which is specially designed for bedding under concrete. That's a little detail specially included for Gaz and Penno who were not altogether in agreement with Christine's request for less detail. Apparently it's a guy thing.

The Dining Room Floor

Exactly the same but with a stack of cables running under the floor. This is where the Fuse Board is going, so everything has to run into this room. So that's three floors completed with all the electric cabling for most of the ground floor sockets in place. The lighting and some of the dining room sockets will run through the stud walls.

The Living Room

We're preparing the living room for the installation of the French Windows (not called that in France: for Gaz and Penno - Porte-FenÍtre). We've finally got rid of the redundant water pipe which has been poking through the living room floor. We've cleaned and treated the oak beams which will act as lintels for the door and for the kitchen window, which is also being knocked through next week.

The Garden

We managed to spend sunday on the garden and dug over a chunk of the border. We've planted Rosemary and Lavender plants as well as the rest of the Hibiscus that the neighbours gave us. They now stretch to the corner post. We also put in a Red and Blackcurrant bush.