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Chanson de la Semaine

To avoid repeating myself on a weekly basis and lose the interest of our regular fan, I will point you towards Week 68 in the Archive for an explanation of why I am suddenly featuring a piece of music each week. Incidentally, the Archive Pics with a little audio icon on them are the ones which will have this little feature..beginning, of course, with Week 68.

This weeks effort is called 'When I'm Away From You' - a kind of belated anniversary card.

You've probably already seen a blue or yellow band at the top of the page asking if you want to run this program and showing a 'Run Active X' tab. Click on that and then click on 'Run' and a little CD player should open below the song title. Press Play, Stop or Whatever.

'When I'm Away From You'

Week 172
The Garden Fence

We moved the compost heap from the front to the back of the house and built a new one - two bins wide. We've put in a fence which surrounds the back of the house and are in the process of building a small wall at the back of the terrace and putting in posts for the front garden gate. In fact Graham did the bulk of the work while I had a delightful holiday in the States. The first two pics are a couple of befores from last year. Rosie the cat likes to assist in these kind of excavating projects.

Mother's Big 80 and the trip to the States

Myself plus Birthday Girl, her sister Helen and husband Bill, popped off to the states to celebrate her 80th birthday with Rog and Barb, Erin, Jen and a whole host of extended family. It was also Barb's sister Trisha's 50th. So we were on a memorable birthday roll. Graham stayed in France to cat sit and build fences. Bless.
So, below is an edited pictorial highlight of our adventures. Notice that mother had two birthday cakes. 80 is such a big number we didn't think one could accomodate it. Well, actually, we planned two seperate parties so everyone could celebrate. Shopper's ankle put the birthday girl out of action for the first one, but she soon recovered.

Erin and Jen

I thought our lovely nieces deserved a spot unto themselves for being particularly delightful. By the way Jennie isn't sitting on a piano for no good reason. She was performing a sophisticated night of musical theatre in cabaret at a groovy New York restaurant theatre.


We've been pointing the kitchen walls and old bread oven in our mate Peter's place. We also knocked a hole through the wall to create a doorway into, what will be, the utility room. All good fun

The Bedroom

We've stripped the old mortar off the second bedroom wall and hopefully we'll point that when we get a minute.

Cats and Kittens

As ever it is the compulsory inclusion and don't they just get cuter every time?