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Week 17
Electric Cable
It's felt like a slow motion week, this week. We continued digging the trench for the electric cable and it's now been buried in trenches outside and inside the house. It seemed to take longer than expected. Anyway it's in now.
Dining Room Floor
After levelling the floor and burying the electric cable we rendered the wall up to final floor level and then put in a layer of hardcore followed by sand.So it's ready for the concrete.
The Willlows
We planted two willows, front and back to absorb any excess water. The garden can become a bit boggy, hence the drainage ditches, so the willows should improve that. We removed the remains of the clay and hardcore pile that we'd made a start on last week, and levelled and rotovated that.
We made a start on digging out the drains in the front of the house ready to connect up the house drainage. We've hit a snag with the pipe sizes and can't find an equivalent connection size. But, I suspect, we'll come up with a solution tomorrow.