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Week 15
Kitchen Floor
Sand and cemented all around the lower floor and covered the floor with hardcore and a layer of sand.
Dining Room Floor
I think I said at one point that this should be an easier floor to take up than the previous two. Wrong. After removing the brick floor we found that the underfloor was a mixture of compacted earth and stone, not an easy combination to dig out with a shovel. Anyway it's nearly all out. A trip to the local tip for the last loads of earth.

I forgot to add: these are the stones that came out of the floor.
New Doorway
We've knocked a doorway through between the bathroom and the kitchen. We've put up oak uprights and a lintel and will brick around it.
From the Kitchen Side
From the Bathroom Side
The Garden

Another dry and sunny weekend. This time we mowed the back lawn for the first time. This will need to be top dressed and re-seeded to thicken up the grass. The top bit, where the beams and lawn mower are, is going to be a herb and salad garden.....eventually.