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Week 13
Bathroom Floor

This has been probably the most gruelling week to date. We've reduced the floor level of this room by 2.5 feet and moved 12 tons of earth and stone. We've started to put back the hardcore and will add another foot of layers including sand, waterproof plastic, polystyrene insulation, iron grills and concrete.

This is the ever-growing pile of earth from the bathroom. We've got another 3 rooms to go. Deep Joy.
Internal Walls

These are now finished and we can start knocking through from bathroom to kitchen to create the new doorway.

Electric Supply

EDF, the French Electric Company, have begun the supply process. They pumped the cable under the road with a pressure jet and set up the electric box: Coffret. Next job is to wire in the Coffret to the mains and then it's up to us to do the rest.
The Garden

Not much doing this week. The big dig has monopolised all our attention and the rain has meant that the garden is pretty inaccessible. Having said that we did finish one side of edgers. We also built a temporary wall to store the rest of the earth coming out of the house. That's the red brick thing in the centre of the second pic.