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Week 12
Ground Floor Ceiling Beams

After removing the floor tiles at the end of last week we cleaned all the beams and treated them with insecticide. We need to buy a few new ones to replace the decrepit and really badly shaped ones, we'll do that next week.

Internal Walls

We added a mortar surface to the dividing wall and two new support beams. We'll eventually put an Ash work top on that. We used shuttering for the mortar. The support wall was wire brushed down to expose the stonework.

Other Walls

The wall under the 'A' frames, in what was once the corridor area, is also nearly complete. We used a mix of breezeblock and quartz stone. When the wall is rendered only the stone will be exposed.

The second wall is nearly complete. On the Bathroom side we've added a shower niche in the breezeblock and just poured concrete into a mold for the lintel above it. The niche was a chum's idea..Rock on Richard.

New Floor

We've begun digging out the first room to prepare it for the concrete floor. There's a lot of earth there so i think it'll take a bit of time.

The Garden

Couldn't spend much time on the garden this week. Added a few Terracotta edgers and planted some Hibiscus and Wisteria.