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Week 11
Gable First Floor Windows

Fitted in the two gable windows. Tricky this one, because the frame had to be absolutely perfectly level and set-square true or the windows wouldn't close. This wasn't helped by the fact that one frame had a bend in it. The window had been made to accomodate that but no-one told us. Sorted.

The First Floor Removal

We took out the tiles that served as a floor for the first floor. They were tongue and groove and, I think, normally used for walls. This exposed all the beams and allowed us to chuck out the unsuitable ones and re-jig the good ones. We've taken out three rows where the staircase will be. That's the staircase area in the last two pics. We've taken out a split beam that was held up by a post.


We're building a wall under the 'A' frames in what was once the corridor area. The first is a feature wall which will enclose the staircase and runs in line with the existing low wall. Demolishing a section of the latter allows for a walkway between the dining room and the kitchen. The second wall is an extension of an existing wall and continues under the second 'A' frame. A new doorway will be knocked through in the middle of that wall allowing access bewteen the bathroom and kitchen.

Internal Wall

We've taken down the pointed top to the dividing wall on the ground floor. We've added a stone support to the 'A' frame on this side and demolished the wall up to the wooden beam. That'll be replaced by another thicker beam and a second one will be added in the middle of the wall. The top of the wall (it's about a metre high)will be covered with an Ash work surface like the rest of the kitchen.
The Garden

Continued double digging the rest of the side border and finally got to plant something other than trees. We've used the floor tiles removed from the first floor to act as a garden edger. They resemble the traditional Victorian terracotta edgers and what's far more important, they're free.