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Every week I'll post up images of what we're doing with a bit of an explanation as to the purpose. I'll collect this stuff and stick it on the Archive page so things can be viewed chronologically.

Chanson de la Semaine

To avoid repeating myself on a weekly basis and lose the interest of our regular fan, I will point you towards Week 68 in the Archive for an explanation of why I am suddenly featuring a piece of music each week. Incidentally, the Archive Pics with a little audio icon on them are the ones which will have this little feature..beginning, of course, with Week 68.

The seasonal song this time around is called 'Scorpio Rising', a bit of a memory of being in England and all the paranoia that it can bring, which contrasts rather sweetly with being here. So make of it what you will.

You've probably already seen a blue or yellow band at the top of the page asking if you want to run this program and showing a 'Run Active X' tab. Click on that and then click on 'Run' and a little CD player should open below the song title. Press Play, Stop or Whatever.

'Scorpio Rising'

Week 106
The Bathroom

It took us several days to get over the trauma of the ensuite and in keeping with the sanitation theme we continued with the downstairs bathroom. This has been another tiling extravaganza and there are now tiny holes worn into the tips of my fingers by tile grout. The walls of the bathroom are exposed stone and all the stone work had to be brushed and cleaned before sealing with a permable sealant. The best tool for the job turned out to be old toothbrushes, it was all a very zen affair. There was a chunk of the wall that needed ripping out and starting again which covered the house in a fine layer of lime mortar. Good for the teeth probably. We also built a utility cupboard for the boiler and anything else we can cram in there, as well as making a cabinet for the sink from oak and reconstituted slate. We've still got the beams and woodwork to varnish, the plasterboard to fill and paint and the tiles to wipe down to remove the grout residue. After that we need to put in a door and wall heater, but that's easy peasy compared to the rest of it. So fear not, our one and only fan, we will keep you abreast of developments.


As we cheated last time and didn't show all of the ensuite - cos there were bits not quite finished - here is the definitive proof of completion, minus door of course - that's an opitional extra.

Wood Cutter's Ball

Our neighbour, Roger, dragged his forest-crunching machine over to help us cut up our logs. The logs come as metre lengths and we need 50 cm lengths for the fire. We got everything cut in about 2 hours, just in time to force a glass of wine on him and release him for his statutory lunch break.