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Every week I'll post up images of what we're doing with a bit of an explanation as to the purpose. I'll collect this stuff and stick it on the Archive page so things can be viewed chronologically.

Week 10
Velux Final Week

Again we've been dodging the weather and despite being semi-drowned on thursday after openning the roof prior to a downpour, all the velux windows are in.

All the tiles on the roof have been made locally and have little quirks and imperfections. This one had a few birds walking across it before it was fired. The blue writing was us marking the tile.

Gable Windows

We made a start last week on putting in the blockwork for the gable windows. We've pretty much completed one and need to wire brush the stone work for the other one. The windows are ready to go in and that's next week's job.

Rain stopped play on the back gable window. There isn't a shutter on that one so it's exposed to the elements.
Walls and Floors

We've started to remove the floor on the first floor. It's made of 3 cm thick tongue and groove tile. Odd but there you go. It's being replaced with waterproof chipboard and pine tongue and groove floorboards. But before that happens all the supporting beams have to be cleand and treated and supporting walls constructed, but that's for next week. We've been building up the feature wall course by course.
The Garden

The sun finally shone on Saturday and we had a chance to plant the fruit trees and begin clearing up the garden. The concrete circle we used as a bonfire has gone and we double dug about ten foot of the front border..still a way to go on that one.